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We all go through it.  Consider life as a roller coaster of highs and lows- fun times and tragic times.     I’ve felt stuck- a lot– in my life past and recent has been no exception.  I’ve felt lost… Continue Reading →

In Sickness & In Happiness

I remember a time when I would eat an orange for lunch, run 4 miles a day, and felt GREAT! Looking back, I would say that I may have looked my best. If I did that now, I might die…. Continue Reading →

Say No to Tempations // VLOG

OK, Ok.  I’ve been the queen of giving into my temptations as of late.  I get wrapped up in the loveliness and happiness that my temptations bring me — mostly food and drink related– and then I remember, Oh yea,… Continue Reading →

Are Puppies Holding You Back?

Boredom can set in. A mild case of ADD contributes. Distracting videos of cute puppies for the win! That’s what’s holding me back. I have such a love-hate relationship with technology. Of course I love it because my business is… Continue Reading →

I’m not good enough.

I remember always telling myself that I wasn’t good at anything.  Everyone else seemed to always have their stuff together, but me. Growing up in a small town, means that everyone knows everyone. You can’t go to the local grocery… Continue Reading →

Does Every Cloud Really Have A Silver Lining?

I’ve found myself sugar coating everything.  I looked back at this blog that I wrote, nearly a year and a half ago, and thought that it wasn’t living up to my expectations.  I was choosing safe words strategically to put… Continue Reading →

The Perfect Nut Milk

I’ve never been a fan of milk, or a fan of any dairy, really. So when I started eating better, going non-dairy was no issues at all– So I thought.. There are so many yummy foods that need milk to… Continue Reading →

My Experience with Whole30

If you haven’t heard about it yet, Whole30 is all the craze and being that I’m health conscious– I had to hop on the bandwagon and give it a try! From my own research, Whole30 was created for those who… Continue Reading →

How To Get Anything You Want

Why does it always seem like everyone else has everything I want? It’s just not fair, I mean- “Why can’t I have that purse?” “Why can’t I drive a nicer car?” “Why can’t I go to the Maldives?” Ughhh… I… Continue Reading →

The Best Dang Rice

Have you heard?  Cali-rice is the word! Yep!  It’s a bandwagon and I’m hopping on it, if you’d like to join 🙂 Califlower rice is very up and coming, and I’m sure you’ve seen many ways to use it. Just… Continue Reading →

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