If you know me, all I seem to talk about are GOALS.

I talk about mine; I talk about yours. Why? Because I really want you to be happy– this is MY biggest goal in life.

Life is happy, for the most part. Most of us find someone to spend the rest of our lives with. Most of us have decent jobs that allow us to do the thing’s that we enjoy. Most of us have a nice place to live. Most of us are lucky enough to have family and friends who love us. That is enough, just right there. But what about you?

You have all these things, but are you really living the life you’ve always dreamed of? I can tell you that you may have goals, but until you write them down and make yourself accountable, they’re just dreams..

And who want’s to live their life full of unfulfilled hopes and dreams? Not me and definitely not you. Let’s talk about how to actually make your dreams a reality.

Step #1. Write down those dreams & make a deadline. Again, without the pen to the paper, you’ll never get it done. When you write down your dreams, now you have goals. And goals are much, much more real. Don’t forget to make a deadline. Will it be this week, this month, this year? Make yourself accountable.

Step # 2. Envision it. ¬†Either write it out or envision yourself once you’ve reached those goals. What will your day look like? Where will you be? What will you be doing? How will you feel? Feel yourself in that moment. I like to close my eyes and really be in that moment.

Step # 3. Get rid of the crap. You’re doing “things” that are holding you back from reaching those goals. I call those “things” crap. Why? Because they’re no use to you. This is your space now. I can’t tell you what these things are, you’ll need to determine that for yourself. Some examples may be TV shows, social media, junk food, excessive sleeping, a bad job, toxic relationships, negative thoughts… just to name a few.

I didn’t number the next step, because it’s the obvious one–

Start doing.

Now, my friend, you’ve turned your dreams into a reality.

Happiness, Audra