Maybe a teacher?  Maybe a nurse?  Maybe a crime scene investigator?

It seemed as though whatever the hit TV show had, I wanted.  They just made everything look so fun and seem so interesting– right?!  They could even make accounting look amazing!

Obviously, I didn’t listen to my brain at that point in life.  I mean– who really knows what they want to do with the when they’re 17 years old?  Most don’t, so don’t even pretend.

As teenagers, we seem to be easily influenced by our friends.  Nowadays, it seems to be whatever is hot on social media or– the internet.  Because the internet, well, it’s always right.

So within the past year, I really have found what I love to do.  Not only with my career, but life in general.  I found that for the longest time, I wasn’t being honest with myself.  So, that leads me to my next question– Are you being honest with yourself?


What do I mean?  What do I mean.

So what when I found my true calling in this life, I changed one thing.  Secret ready?

I stopped listening to my brain that said over and over, 

You’re not good enough.  You really aren’t that smart.  You most likely will just be ordinary… and boring.

Excuse me?  Please tell me your brain isn’t that rude.

When I stopped listening to my brain, I stopped letting it control me with fears and self-doubt.  I began to follow my heart and let it lead me to what I love doing.

I allowed myself to become open and listen to my gut.

The gut is very powerful and knows what’s best for you.  You just have to allow yourself to be open to it.

Go with your gut and be done with all the rest.

Happiness, Audra