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Say No to Tempations // VLOG

OK, Ok.  I’ve been the queen of giving into my temptations as of late.  I get wrapped up in the loveliness and happiness that my temptations bring me — mostly food and drink related– and then I remember, Oh yea,… Continue Reading →

the beautiFULL life

Sticky post

We all go through it.  Consider life as a roller coaster of highs and lows- fun times and tragic times.     I’ve felt stuck- a lot– in my life past and recent has been no exception.  I’ve felt lost… Continue Reading →

Are Puppies Holding You Back?

Boredom can set in. A mild case of ADD contributes. Distracting videos of cute puppies for the win! That’s what’s holding me back. I have such a love-hate relationship with technology. Of course I love it because my business is… Continue Reading →

How To Get Anything You Want

Why does it always seem like everyone else has everything I want? It’s just not fair, I mean- “Why can’t I have that purse?” “Why can’t I drive a nicer car?” “Why can’t I go to the Maldives?” Ughhh… I… Continue Reading →

I Can’t Wait Until…

Admit it. You’re guilty of it. Yes, it’s January and you’re already looking forward to a vacation. So, you plan it. Why not? Something to look forward to, right? Of course it is! Vacation’s are AWESOME, DUH! {Sorry for being such… Continue Reading →

How To DO What You LOVE

I’m sure you’ve heard of the saying– ” Do what you love, love what you do” You may already know what you LOVE to do.” The question is– “Are you doing it?” When I say “it” I mean- for a… Continue Reading →

The Simple Tool That Helped Me Overcome Anxiety

“Oh hey there! It’s me; Anxiety! You’re allowing me to creep into your life, again. I’m tricky like that!” Yep. This happened. I allowed my anxiety to creep back in. BUT only for a quick minute! Guess what? We actually… Continue Reading →

3 Simple Tools to Make Your Dreams a Reality

If you know me, all I seem to talk about are GOALS. I talk about mine; I talk about yours. Why? Because I really want you to be happy– this is MY biggest goal in life. Life is happy, for… Continue Reading →

How To Live A Life For YOU.

The American Dream. It’s what we all strive for, right? But what constitutes as THE American Dream? Who decides what is THE perfect American life to live? If you know the answer, tell me– please! I have been so blessed… Continue Reading →

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