Why does it always seem like everyone else has everything I want?

It’s just not fair, I mean-

“Why can’t I have that purse?”

“Why can’t I drive a nicer car?”

“Why can’t I go to the Maldives?”

Ughhh… I guess this will just be my life and I’ll have to settle because I’ll never be able to make enough money to do or have those things!

Sound familiar?

Chances are that if you live in America, you or someone you know has been guilty of thinking/saying these things– maybe not the Maldives, but something similar, I’m sure of it!

OK, so sometimes it does take a lot of money to do these things; but who says that you can’t have it?


Is it your Dad saying,

“No, you can’t have that.”

Unless you’re 12, then I’m guessing not. So who is it, then?


Yes, you.

If you could hear me talking over typing right now, you would actually hear me yelling,

“Get out of your own way, and make it happen!”

Eh-Em, sorry– had to do it.

Now, it may sound like I’m being unrealistic and that you’re about to stop reading this because, no- it’s not that easy. There is more to it.

Guess what– you’re right.

Allow me to introduce you to the 2G’s {no, not gigabyte}

The 2G’s stand for GOALS & GRATITUDE:

1. GOALS. Obviously, you can’t get anywhere without setting goals- I don’t care who you are. Without them, what would you be striving for?

Wouldn’t life just be passing you by, day after day, same routine, nothing new?

Here’s some advice- Set a pretty big, specific goal, for your future.

An example may be that you’d love to travel to the Maldives in 2 years.

Next, set small goals to get you there.

This part is important. An example might be that you want to save X amount of money a month.

2. GRATITUDE. This could be the most important part to getting what you want. Having true gratitude is the key.

It’s rather simple, yet most of us don’t practice gratitude enough, including myself.

At least I used to be guilty– now twice a day, I think or write down what I’m truly grateful for in that moment. That’s it!

Goals- determine what it is that you want. Gratitude- remember what you do have and be truly grateful for it.

Begin these daily practices {not even 10 minutes a day!} and see your life change!

Happiness, Audra