Do you remember the feeling you got when you found out that you had lost 5 lbs?

You started on an amazing diet (that I’ll assume healthy and not a quick-fix, wink-wink) and it made you feel the best you’ve EVER felt.  Plus you had lost weight! SCORE! Right?

Of course it’s a score! If this has happened to you, celebrate that moment!


I’m so HAPPY for you! Ok, excitement is an understatement. I promise, enough with the CAPS. 🙂

Now, how did this make you feel? Did you feel successful? Did you feel joy? Did you feel confidence? Did you feel satisfied? Were you happy? I’m sure you may have felt some, if not all of the above. After all, it was most likely a goal you had set for yourself.

Let’s fast forward to the present time.

You’re now eating well, pretty consistently, and others have noticed a difference in your appearance. Your clothes fit better. Your legs may be thinner. You’re husband can wrap both arms around your waist. This is what you wanted. You’re happy.

Right? Happy.

“If I lose weight, I’ll finally be happy.”

Happy, yes, you are happy. Happiness? Probably not. Not from this.

How do we come up with this? You and I both know that happiness doesn’t come in a certain size, color, or place. Money certainly cannot buy us happiness. If it doesn’t come from these, then where does it come from?

No thing, nor one can cause our happiness. Yes, it may be true that they can help us be happier, but they will not create it for you. You are the only one that can.

Did I lose you?

Happy is the feeling you get when something goes your way. Happiness is your state of mind when you have been fulfilled. Feeling fulfilled is something you will experience when you find your purpose.

{Trust me, everyone has a purpose. It’s up to us to reach inside, listen, and find it.}

So, the next time you set a goal, let’s try something different. Instead of saying,

“When I reach my goal, I will be happy”.

;try saying,

“When I reach my goal, I will be one step closer to finding my purpose”.

Not only will you most likely reach that goal, but you will be setting goals to help you be a little more, you.

Happiness (no pun intended),