If you haven’t heard about it yet, Whole30 is all the craze and being that I’m health conscious– I had to hop on the bandwagon and give it a try!

From my own research, Whole30 was created for those who want to change their unhealthy eating habits, as well as treat and prevent disease.

Say what?!

Food can actually heal disease???

It absolutely can, I’ve done it myself, prior to using the Whole30.  Unfortunately, my body is still healing so utilizing tools such as Whole30 will help my body to heal more and more.

Just a little background about myself–

A couple years ago, I thought that I was a healthy 27 year old; enjoying chocolate after every meal and beer and pizza on the weekends.  One day, I woke up with a few bumps on my chin that gradually grew into a rash– all over my face!!!  Ah, talk about socially awkward and damaging to my ego.

After going to both my primary physician and a dermatoligist and finding that they both had the same answer–

“There is many reasons you have this rash, called dermatitis.  Let’s give you antibiotics and a steroid cream!”

NO thanks!!!  Luckily, I had enough brain to know better–

No healthy 27 year old develops a facial rash, for.no.reason.

You see, there was something majorly wrong on the inside of my body, coming out in my skin.

Call this the bodies natural way of telling you that there is something wrong that you can’t see.

This is what started me on my health journey with food and changing my lifestyle to heal my body, from the inside-out.

After changing my diet {quite a few times} I decided to give the Whole30 a try.

If you’d love to learn more, check out this book that has helped me get started:

It Starts With Food

Why not?

Again, it’s intended to heal the body!

My results???  Excellent!!!

So good, I will continue to use this as a guideline for my lifestyle.  It worked for me and it may work for you, too.

So, what is it, exactly?

Whole30 is all about eating quality wholefoods and cutting out the foods that cause allergies & inflammation for 30 days.

This is said to help heal the body from many diseases, as all disease starts with inflammation in our bodies.

It will also help us end our unhealthy relationships with food and retrain our brains to help us live a healthier lifestyle.

To learn more, check out this awesome book that I used to get started: It Starts With Food

I loved the Whole30 and will continue to utilize this for both treatment and prevention.

Happiness, Audra