I remember always telling myself that I wasn’t good at anything.  Everyone else seemed to always have their stuff together, but me.

Growing up in a small town, means that everyone knows everyone.

You can’t go to the local grocery store without running into your neighbor– or likely someone you don’t really want to speak to.  We’re all in everyone’s business- it’s hard not to get caught up in the drama of it all.

High school was definitely cliche.  We had the “cliques” that sometimes made you feel like you’re not good enough to be in their group of friends.  Why are teenagers so cool?

Oh, to be young again…

Then there’s me– a quiet, non-athlete, chorus member, follower to friends, easy-going, average student that would  really just be friends with anyone.  I got along with pretty much anyone I talked to- if I wasn’t too shy.

When it came time to deciding what college to attend- I distanced myself because I:

  1. thought that I wasn’t smart enough { SAT’s were scary }
  2. didn’t feel like I’d be good at anything I really thought about pursuing… crime scene investigator or forensics- say what?!?!

So, I naturally reverted into a state of bad thoughts about myself and watched as my friends and everyone else around me chose these amazing schools- where they’d do something really cool with their life.  I may have been jealous, but good for them for following their dreams!

What life would you expect to come of this low self esteem girl?  It could have been worse– luckily I had a pretty good head on my shoulders.  It also helped that I had good friends and an amazing boyfriend who kept me in line.

I worked as a hostess for over two years { because serving was for someone who was good at something } and attended a junior college that I look back at and wonder- why? legal assisting?.  Later I would take a job in an insurance office that I could have been better at.

Can you tell the trend happening…?

I was telling myself stories.  Just that.  These are made up stories that really didn’t define me, but I allowed them to.

Fast forward to today:

I am the happiest I’ve ever been– really!!  I’m following my dreams and making sure that I’m doing things that I love doing- not because I have to, but because I want to.

So, how did I get here?

I woke up after going through some life lessons ,or Universal Assignments to my fellow Gabby followers, and I stopped telling myself the same damn stories.  I stopped making up excuses that I wasn’t smart enough, brave enough, or good enough to do anything that I really wanted to do.  I began to listen to my heart, slowly tuning out my brain when it tries to tell me the stories.  Now, this didn’t come easy.  And it likely won’t be easy for you, either.

If you’re ready to stop telling yourself the stories, take note of the following tools I used to get me out of the funk.

  1. GRATITUDE.  Each day, I think of something that I’m grateful for- maybe even twice.

What does this have to do with anything?

It shows me what I have; what I’ve done well at; and what is important to me.  Over time, I have been able to completely flip my thoughts into positive, up-lifting and grateful ones.

  2.  AFFIRMATIONS.  I deliberately changed my story.  I tell myself everyday that I am smart.  I am beautiful.  I am healthy.  I am strong.  And most of all, I am worthy.

3.  NAME IT.  I’m currently listening to the book, Kick Ass by Mel Robbins ( go get it and thank yourself later) and she made a FANTASTIC point.  Name the storyteller.  Name that beeyoch that keeps telling the stories… When you hear them creeping in, say this:


However you want to say it.  However it makes sense to you.  You choose a name.  Maybe it’s an actual person who has lent a hand in your stories.  Maybe it’s a made up name (like mine) that just helps you to put the thoughts to rest.  Whatever name it is and phrase you use– DO. IT. NOW.

You’ve decided to read this blog post, so do yourself a favor…

Write down the top 5 stories you tell yourself everyday that are breaking you.

I’m so dumb.

I’ll don’t deserve to do the things I want to accomplish.

I don’t have enough money.

I’m so sick.  I’m in so much pain.

I’m so fat, nobody wants me.


Now flip those stories.

I’m SO smart!

I’ll do all the amazing things that I want to do because I’m SO worthy of them!

Money comes easily to me!

I’m so healthy and I have endless energy!

I’m so damn sexy and beautiful!

Good job!!!

4.  COMMIT.  Commit to this every.single.day.  YOU ARE SO WORTHY.

Believing is the first step.

Happiness, Audra