I remember a time when I would eat an orange for lunch, run 4 miles a day, and felt GREAT!

Looking back, I would say that I may have looked my best. If I did that now, I might die.

At that time, I thought that I was SO healthy– au contraire.

I was happy with where my life was, even though I had no clear visions or goals. I believe that is what kept me going, honestly.

. . . .

Enter 2014.

Again, I thought I was making healthy choices. Healthier than most… if you call Subway, McDonald’s, pizza and beer healthy– eh– yeah, awesome daily choices…

Until onne day– out of the blue– I developed a tiny cluster of red bumps on my chin.

“Breakouts?! Just in time for vacation!  Poop.”

As the summer went on, the rash would come and go; each time a little worse…

Um.. not great for the ego, my friend.

Once fall hit, the rash was full blown— I didn’t want to leave my house. I was devastated.

SO, I went to my doctor–

“You have a rash. Many things can cause this. Take this antibiotic and use this steroid cream.”

NO thanks..

Dermatologist, what do you think?

“You have dermatitis. There is nothing YOU can do on your own. Take this antibiotic and use this steroid cream”

Ummm… breaking point- YES!!!! Nothing I can do. I have to live with this, the.rest.of.my.life?

As you probably already know, I didn’t settle for this. So, I started a quest to heal this on my own. I learned about gluten. I learned about stress. I learned about toxins in the air that we breathe. For a minute, I went slightly too precautionary. But all in good; learning all of this was very eye-opening.

I found that I really enjoyed learning about these new things and it sort of started to light me up inside!

Thankfully, a customer of mine had told me about IIN– an amazing school to learn so much more, and be certified to help others with similar issues!


Yes, I have been able to clear my dermatitis. It’s given me the motivation and determination to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

Looking back, I now see that everything happens for a reason.

I have to reflect and think to myself,

“Where would I be– what would I be doing if I hadn’t developed this rash?”

My answer is always the same…

I would be doing the same thing that I was doing prior to this healthy life. And you know what? I can honestly say that I would have lived my life with regrets.

You don’t have to wait for a struggle to find where you’re supposed to be. You just need to start looking. Find your happy.

continue reading to learn what I used to get here…

. . . .

After all of this, today I have so much passion to share what I’ve learned with women who are struggling with similar issues.  I am so happy to see women get SO freakin’ excited when they learn that they can not only eat real, whole foods, but also the foods that they’ve always loved… pizza and brownies, anyone?

The women that I coach in their transition to a healthier lifestyle have told me that their friends and family are envious of their new found lifestyle that is both healthy and tastes amazing!

The biggest piece of the puzzle that has helped me learn to love healthy food and is what I now assist the women that I coach is Whole30.  Click on the link to learn more about how it may work for you!

** Disclaimer- I am not an affiliate for Whole30.  I only share because I believe it is a powerful tool to get nearly anyone on the right path to healthy success.

Cheers to the beautifull life,

Audra xoxo