Well, hello again!

Many of you ask me which diet am I on? My answer? My own.

Yes, I’m on my own diet. I eat what I want, when I want, because it’s right for me.

Ok, let’s dig in.

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is when I hear a popular TV show– highly influential, by the way– rave about the latest diet and how it’s the perfect one.

OK, I’m sure it’s perfect for some, maybe even more than some. But, not all.

What do I mean? I’m getting to that, I promise!

Let me start by having you ask yourself a question.

When was the last time I ate the food I wanted AND felt great?

Now, I’m wondering what your answer is… The answer for ME is today. Right now.

Ok, now why do we think we need to be on this said, diet? Where in life did we get the idea that a DIET is the key to happiness?

I mean, come on!…

“I’m starting my diet on Monday to lose 10 lbs and my life will be SO much better!”

You haven’t said that? Ok…maybe I have. Maybe.

Did it work?

It might have, for a little while. Then what happened?

I can guess.

You stopped.

Maybe you had a soda and it all went downhill from there.

You “fell off the wagon”– so cliche, I know. Why did that happen???

I can tell you. It wasn’t the right diet for YOU– not your neighbor, your husband or best friend– YOU.

So now, you want to know how to find your diet. Let’s get to that.

When we stop listening to what everyone else is saying, and start listening to our body, we will find our perfect diet. The body makes no mistakes. Your heart never misses a beat.

When we eat something that doesn’t agree, your body will tell you.

Maybe to start, you’ll need to keep a food journal. A food journal would consist of writing everything you’re eating and how you felt before, during and after.

If this seems like too much, start by asking yourself this,

“How important is it for me to feel my best?”

Your best might mean to get off those medications, play with your kids, or fit into those jeans you wore before pregnancy.

How will you get there?

Together, we can find a diet that works best for you, lovely 🙂

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Happiness, Audra