Astronaut’s are people who are trained to walk on the moon.

Could that be you?

Of course!

OK, maybe not an astronaut; but I can tell you that you have something very special to offer.

Maybe you’ve found it. Maybe not.

Either way, hear me out.

I’m making a point– I promise.

So you’re working a job that feels OK. It most likely stresses you out at times– sometimes more than you’d like.

Your job pays the bills and maybe a little bit more. It helps put food on the table for you family.

Now, ask yourself these questions:

“Am I focused while at my job and not thinking about something else I’d rather be doing?” “Does this job allow me to be myself?” “Will I be happy if I continue to do this job, for the rest of my life?”

If you said YES to all of these– Congrats! You are absolutely in the right place. Go you!

So of course, if you said NO to any of these, it may be time to evaluate…

I’m in no way telling you to leave your job.

If you like your job, just apply more of yourself and incorporate more of what you love doing.

Not only will your job be more enjoyable, but you will be so much more productive.

If you really aren’t enjoying it and looking for a career change, but unsure what to do– check out these tips to find that special something that only you can offer:

-Make a list of your top 5, FAVORITE things to do. This would include things that you wouldn’t think applied to a job, such as jumping out of airplanes! Trust me on this one.

-Research jobs that incorporate these things you love. It may be in the field, but either way, you’ll be linked to what you enjoy most!

-Start your own business. So many of us are actually made to be unique and offer something special. It could be hard to find a specific job that involves what you love, so create it yourself!

That would be called, your purpose! Ohh.. goosebumps! I love talking about your purpose and I’m so excited for you!

Happiness, Audra